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Futures Studies act from Future Research to Futures Sciences. Futures Studies (re)serach megatrends to foresights. Learn so all about futures-studies. Also about megatrends and foresights. Because future needs more futurist studies and futures-sciences.

Future.Institute was founded 1920 in Germany, starting 1988 to be worldwide in all metacities. Today it’s a global network with hyper offices. We’re and call us all professional futurists (ProFuturists)

Author / Editor:
Roman Retzbach is a German professional futurist. And he’s chairman for the Future.Institute, ZukunftsInstitut, Future.University and Future Intelligences. As an international futurologist, he lives and works in Germany. Over 10 years he staid in the United States and China. His research topics are the future sciences and futures studies. The futures and megatrends determine our life private as in business 2020, 2030, 2050 to 2100.


Futures-Studies -all about future study

Future-Summit – meeting of futurists to future managers

ZukunftsInstitut – die Zukunft über das Morgen wissen

Roman Retzbach (ProFuturist & Future Scholar Expert)

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