Co-Create Your Future!


Future(s) World Building & Civilisation Program 2020-2030

  1. Themes
    Level 1: Basic Futures methods (foresights, forecasts, ‘fortune-telling’, futuring, …) & Futures tools (scenario, timelines, cross-impact, delphi, predictive to prospective analytics, wildcards, trend-extrapolation, a.i. simulations… scientific probability)
    b. Near-future topics & case studies : Future Business, Management & Economics – how to work as/with futurist and co-create futures-studies in enterprises
    c. Big or far-future dimensions: Megatrends (Civilisation levels, Globalization, demographics / population growth, world society, …), Science Research (bio-tech, nano, a.i.…parallel multiverses, theory-of-everything) – from Utopia / Dystopia, Visions to World Building)
  • Use as education or job qualification to get a amateur to professional futurist
  • Talk and discuss in panels, clubs, network groups all perspectives of the future, codex of futurists,


  1. Design & Style
    Basic & free webinars (Zoom, GoogleMeet, …)
    b. Workshops in USA – Europe -Asia real-time as parallel online
    c. Premium content (multi-use) on own cons as of partners (sci-fi association, …) with video on -demand
  • Create your future and/or world
  • get always certificates (participation to ‘master-of-future(s)-arts/business, ..)
  1. Personal Brands & Keynote-Speakers:
    a. Trainers & coaches excersise with you future learning modules and start individual at your level (80 :20)
    b. Managers & scholars in your industry with futures-studies background work with you (50 leaders to choose : 50% practical use)
    c. Professional futurists & consultants give you their long-time experience (10 speakers : 90% know-how )Target Groups
    a. Public(ity) – first time contact
    b. Middle experienced to interested persons (managers, academics, politicians, artists, …)
    c. Professionals (futurists, scientists, performers, …)


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