WorldFuture(s)Day 2022 – March 1

WorldFuture(s)Day 2022 – March 1

Like the last decades the topic Climate Change and that extinction is the topic No. 1 that was overshadowed only the last 2 years by the topic Pandemic.

Thereby our rethinking is further in the focus since we have only this (L)One(ly) Planet and with a voice must demand the climatic protection.

Because the Futures Consequences for our Children would be terrible if they had no Livelihood the Day AfterTomorrow due to our wrong decisions today.

It was the canon and consensus of all countries, in Asia, America, Europe to Africa, what we must tackle this and not wait too long.

Because today we still have the opportunities to change and choose a different policy. The Human Age of the Anthropocene means that we are responsible for the causes as well as the consequences of all environmental damage, and are in the same boat as our Earth.

Let’s save the World is the old and new motto. Let us protect our Earth, preserve this Globe  for our children. One Planet – One Future!






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