Month: November 2020

  • Interview with a Futurist

    Interview with a Futurist

     What were the influences in your life that lead to you becoming a futurist?  1.Science-Fiction, 2. The moon landing, 3. Background & profession of the Family (artist, scientist, manager,…) My grandfather was an artist in the time 1910-1920 of Futurism (German: Futurismus) as an art style, so he was also called a Futurist. My grandpa…

  • Black Friday or Block FriDay

    Black Friday or Block FriDay

    A consumption super event, lovely in good times, but bad in pandemic seasons, because to many people meet and are not carefully. Your opinion: What do you mean?

  • Civilization 2.0: Second Step

    Civilization 2.0: Second Step Englisches Video (Second Step) Deutsches Video (Faustlos):   Deutsche offizielle Webseite: Englische offizielle Webseite:  

  • Jupiter Saturn Great conjunction – 1.12.2020

    Jupiter Saturn Great conjunction – 1.12.2020

  • COVID-19  Moderna leads BioNTech

    COVID-19 Moderna leads BioNTech

    Draft landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines

  • US President 2020: Biden

    US President 2020: Biden

    Trump wins 9:10 against Biden, but lost presidential power. Russia and Africa love Trump, Asia and Europe like Biden. China and India support…   USA is very religious and conservative like Trump, Europe is liberal and social political.  

  • Lockdown Escape Room Games

    Lockdown Escape Room Games